Epson 3D TW6000/5900, 3010, and TW9000, 5010/6010

The 3D Epsons are coming

The white models EH-TW 6000, 9000, 3010, 5010 and 6010 have wireless HD

In Europe there will be an even cheaper EH-TW5900 for 1149 Euro with half the contrast, and 2000 lumen in white.

In 2D mode there is a new Split Screen function. Brightest 3D projectors in their price range.

More info at the Home Theater 3D blog

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  1. Jesus... I just bought my TW3200.... 1 month ago... Still, NO lens shift on these and £400 more. I wonder how much the 3200 price will drop?


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