Epson Home Cinema EH-TW know how

Thanks to the awesome work from cine4home.de some things of the inner working and the strange noises of my EPSON EH-TW3200 are now clear.
Pictures full credit goes to cine4home.

There are three things what influence the brightness of the picture:
The power of the lamp, the position of the iris and the cine filter who is not engaged in the first two modes vivid and living room.
Let´s meet the
iris and the cine filter.

iris open
iris closed

When you switch from vivid or living room to the other modes the cine filter moves into the light path.
cine filter
iris off and in open position - cine filter disengaged
iris on and in closed position - cine filter disengaged

iris off and in open position - cine filter engaged

How much lumen do the modes provide in Normal and Eco

Vivid: iris off 1800/1335 - iris on 1220/940
Living Room:
iris off 1500/1100 - iris on 960/760
Natural: iris off 640/510 - iris on 430/360
iris off 550/470 - iris on 380/300

To bring more light but a better color space Epson came up with an old idea I had on the first Sony HD projector the VPL-HS10 already years ago.
They call it Light Power and you put a color filter in front of the lens.
With this you do not loose so much light and you get:

Light Power
: iris off 1300/940 - iris on 870/670more detail here


  1. Hi there,
    I am quite interested in buying this Epson TW-3200 model. However I read in a review on the web that the picture quality of this particular model is rather blurry. Is this true? what are your findings? Or were you able to rectify this blurry problem by tweaking the picture configuration on your projector?

    thanks in advance :)

  2. any help you can offer before I pay for Epson out of warranty repair for TW-3200? on startup the projector starts whirring and clicks a few times, then the fab kicks in at high speed, both LEDs flash red - game over...


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