Epson EH-TW3200 - the setup

Using the Projection Calculator it seemed that with squeezing the Epson EH-TW3200 against the wall there would be a good chance that with full zoom my high quality projection screen (model bed spread, unknown thread count) would just be filled to the max.

So I unscrewed my old ACER XGA who had suffered a massive dlp chip failure with getting a couple more mirrors stuck each evening and just came back from warranty repair and with some modifications screwed the Epson on to my trusty projector ceiling mount.
This mount is with me since over 10 years and is the best $7 I ever spend on a mount.
So far it carried 2 NEC VT series, 1 BENQ, 2 ACER and a big Sony VPL-HS10.
I got if from Walmart and it is a speaker wall mount.

this mount is pretty stable, it turns on the center mount screw and swivels on the speaker mounts

40 cm or shy 16" is as close as you can get to the wall

4.03 meter or 13.3 feet from wall to the projection screen - that makes 3.63 meters projecting distance

Using the full 2.1 x zoom the exact distance of 2.74 meter or 9 feet of my wall opening is covered with the projecting image.


  1. can you put me right. I am getting on in years and get confused with the setting up distances.You see I had a epson tw10 set on a tower about 3 and 1/2 metre from 60" screen and it filled the screen perfectly. Will this epson tw3200 fill the same screen I tried a cheaper import and the short throw lens not only filled the screen but my ceiling and half the floor; I really would appreciate you expert knowledge. Best Regards

  2. my Epson is 3.5 meters from a 120" screen and fills it at 2.1x full zoom. So if you take the zoom down to 1x then 60" works just fine. In case of doubt go to projectorcentral.com they have a distance calculator for most every projector.

  3. Hi interesting blog!,

    I just looked at the picture from you Epson projector and discovered that the logo "epson" is upside down.. You can turn this logo 180 degrees! (it is also in the manual that you can download from the site of epson) ) Just read the manual or just pull the logo out gently, turn it 180 degrees and put it back again.

  4. How to fill the available screen area with all resolutions? This model seems to give biggest screen on 1360x768, trying with e.g. 1600x1200 gives much smaller image size.


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