Epson EH-TW3200 - how bright are 1800 lumen?

You have seen part of my indoor living room with the 3 meter glass door already in my first post. Now double that glass area, pack one part of it behind the thin screen (remember it´s a bed sheet) and to top this off we add a huge window opposite to the screen. The big windows behind the screen have some sun cover.
Now lets add some clear blue sky and sunny afternoon weather to top this of.

It will look a bit like this here.

now let´s turn on the Epson EH-TW3200 in our favorite Cinema mode
can you guess who you see the in the next 3 pictures?

yes, I know the sheet looks wrinkled, but during normal viewing conditions it is barely noticeable and it is on the list to get fixed...

one out of three? two out of three? - oh you know the Guild then, do you?
Now for all who ever wondered why Epson had the Dynamic mode included, this is why!

The actual picture is much more watchable than the photos show. Except for dark movies, most things are watchable in these very bright conditions.

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